For my fabrication final I had a few ideas but knew I wanted to work with brass. I wear the same brass earring everyday and i love it’s simplicity. I decided I wanted to try to recreate it. Using a ball peen hammer, I was able to make a basic tear drop form then cut it off from the rest with a hacksaw. 


the cube only exists in yr mind

I had the idea to laser cut images of leaves onto paper and then figure out a way to affix them to the brass. I was pleased enough with the concept and really enjoyed just looking at the two materials together that I decided to refocus on the earring and really trying to manipulate the brass.leavesmaking burning

The really thin grid paper burned a bit after it cut which gave a really wonderful organic quality to the edges of the leaves.

This is my first laser cut house complete with Ray Eames’ patterned roof. I’ve never digitally fabricated a three-d object so I thought that was the place to start with the laser cutter. I found a simple house pattern online.
found pattern

And made some minor adjustments to the design. This was also my first time using Illustrator – somehow managed to avoid it despite a decade+ with Photoshop. So getting used to vector logic was fun/frustrating.

Below are the six final pieces – which were maybe the third or fourth try. Other attempts either were basic errors (leaving a stray vector that resulted in a errant cut) or needed more passes with the laser. The final version still isn’t perfect. I had to manually make the slots in the roof a little wider as the cardboard expanded somewhat after being cut. I did not bother fixing the bottom piece because I like the idea of using the surface the house rests on as the floor.

routerI used the router with a 45 degree bit. The shop doesn’t have what would have given me a bigger cut – resulting in a uniform pitched roof. I thought about making a jig and using the ban saw but knew I probably still wouldn’t get ideal results. Instead, I decided to see how far I could go towards realizing my vision with the constraint of the router bit. 

trees helping trees


At first i was interested in a continuum from the most uniform machine – made to unique pieces using the sander. Although making measurements and building a jig, etc would have been more rational and considered – I knew I still wouldn’t get them perfect with the tools in the shop. But, less time spent intuitively using the sander resulted in much more elegant objects. NEAT.