leaves | pillars | blades, begin. final.

Here is the current incarnation of my drawing program. I’m pleased that I was able to say “I’m going to make this thing” and then I made that thing. It’s not perfect but it is certainly a reasonable sketch of what I had in my mind two months ago. After using it a bit – the interaction makes more sense to me on phone. Open this with Chrome on yr phone please.

Above is screen shot of the working mobile version. I took out the frame/screenshot function because: a) i wanted to save space on the smaller screen and b) it felt more intuitive to simply use the screen shot function of my iPhone rather than tap to save.
world()Made1449026940370 copyThe interaction needs work. The grab function makes it so pretty soon when you move your mouse/finger closer to other blades they get picked up as well. and eventually you have a rotating ball of grass. It’s difficult to render an image without the other blades following yr current movement. It is easier on the phone, I think perhaps because there is a smaller frame and takes less time to place a blade where and how you want it. I want to continue working on this program and eventually iterate with different images, objects other than grass. More mobile, always.

The screen version has a delete function when you press a key. This is super broken and is most likely the first thing I need to work on when the semester ends.

House drawing attempts…
world()Made1449030260330 copy

drawing houses...

leaves | pillars | blades – one

Ctrl, Alt, Delete., 2007. 30 x 40″ Darkroom chromogenic print

For my ICM final, I want to create a program that enables a user to draw with grass. I like the idea of making a creative program that introduces a constraint. How do you make an interesting image using only specific lines or shapes? You can pick up, rotate and move the blades. There are maybe 7 different shapes to choose from. I’m thinking they will be pulled from images. Ideally, it will exist on mobile devices.

move blades, make things

shake animation


I found this in the Apple App store. It’s made by an ITP alum, duh. It’s obviously now my favorite thing on my phone.
lincon logs

Lincoln logs: simple elements of varying size and style to create a larger scene. Also wood, it’s sorta like grass.

Mirror Piece 1

This is a document of Mirror Piece 1, a 1969 performance by Joan Jonas. Body, landscape, rectangles, reflections – and grass.

Questions: Any suggestions for further interactivity? Is this more fun if it’s a game somehow? Are there any games or programs like this I could look at for inspiration?