leaves | pillars | blades – one

Ctrl, Alt, Delete., 2007. 30 x 40″ Darkroom chromogenic print

For my ICM final, I want to create a program that enables a user to draw with grass. I like the idea of making a creative program that introduces a constraint. How do you make an interesting image using only specific lines or shapes? You can pick up, rotate and move the blades. There are maybe 7 different shapes to choose from. I’m thinking they will be pulled from images. Ideally, it will exist on mobile devices.

move blades, make things

shake animation


I found this in the Apple App store. It’s made by an ITP alum, duh. It’s obviously now my favorite thing on my phone.
lincon logs

Lincoln logs: simple elements of varying size and style to create a larger scene. Also wood, it’s sorta like grass.

Mirror Piece 1

This is a document of Mirror Piece 1, a 1969 performance by Joan Jonas. Body, landscape, rectangles, reflections – and grass.

Questions: Any suggestions for further interactivity? Is this more fun if it’s a game somehow? Are there any games or programs like this I could look at for inspiration?